I was back in my hometown six weeks ago. Mt father turned 70 so Emily and I flew up to surprise him. The party was an afternoon at Bargara with dad’s friends from golf and his other friends from Rotary, my sister and I, and some of the extended family. I haven’t been back in Bundaberg since 2010 and haven’t seen the relatives since that last visit. This is because I am not very good at being a social animal and don’t do the emotional labour to keep up with people.

One of those relatives was the eldest of my father’s siblings. We went out for a light dinner after the party. The fam were all, as they say, tired and emotional. Particularly because of the drama between some of them - one of the reasons I can’t be bothered with keeping in touch, I guess. Anyway, he said to me that I should be working on building something so I can be like Zuckerberg.

I laughed at him. I told him I couldn’t imagine anything I would less want to strive for than being Zuckerberg. Even if you want to take him out of the equation, being the kind of person who even builds a thing like that. I grew up comfortable and he didn’t, so I understand his surprise when I told him Zuckerberg has about a thousand times as much money as I can even imagine knowing how to get rid of.

(I do know exactly how to use ~$25m in an effective manner that solves housing issues for my parents, sister, sister-in-laws, mother-in-law, Emily, and us; leaving us with enough capital to not have to work).

He said I haven’t changed at all since I was fifteen. A statement that is very inaccurate. I suspect he was referring to decisions I made that he disagreed with and couldn’t dissuade me from - repeating Year 11 was one of them, I believe. He might also recall my scathing dismissal of the idea of studying law or medicine if I scored top marks at school.

Where am I going with this? Not sure. Not nowhere. The trip left with me with a wistfulness and is playing into an existing sense of not knowing what I want any longer - I am of an age for that 🙄