• TFW your partner acquires the power to make purchases for the collection at the library 📚

  • I’m beginning to think the world simply doesn’t deserve my stupid D&D themed nerdy jokes.

  • Nerd problems - setting up email on your vanity domain what do you call the mailbox? ProperName@ProperName.domain?

  • Twitter giving an object lesson on not relying on someone else’s platform at the same time as Anchor is trying to be the someone else’s platform podcasters rely on is convenient.

    1. I probably can’t be objective about The Cure’s Pornography. I’ve spent too many hours fighting my brain with it as a soundtrack. Still my favourite early Cure.

    (c.f. Cure Re-listen) 🎶

  • •	I always slip in my appreciation of Seventeen Seconds, but it is such a great album with gems. But after so many concerts I can’t believe Forest isn’t the last track.
    •	Faith is an inflection point. It’s their one gothic, gloomy album. They did it so well they got a rep for it.

    (c.f. Cure Re-listen) 🎶

  • In my quest to re-listen to each Cure album from 1979 to 1990 (cf mobile.twitter.com/robmanuel…) I have some reports.

    • Three Inaginary Boys is very hit and miss. When it was rereleased as Boys Don’t Cry the most egregious misses were replaced.
  • D bought me a Cthulhu badge, which I pinned to my coat and only now realised that unless you look closely it seems like I’m wearing Pepe.

  • Yes, I have two books going. I actuyally have three but one stalled out halfway through and I need to backtrack a bit because I lost the thread of thought. OTOH, I am reading Four Roads Cross and listening to The Subtle Art.

  • Currently reading: Four Roads Cross by Max Gladstone, ISBN: 9780765379429 📚

  • Started “The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck” and I am already identifying. 📚

  • I….should not have watched the finale to The Americans on the way to work. I can write off today, most likely.

  • If I’m interpreting the current Samantha Bee contretemps correctly, lèse-majesté is back and it is equally as bad as racism.

  • There are three monitors in the wall in the office. The two in the main work room will become dashboards. But what to do with the one in the second meeting room/lunch room?

    I’m thinking using that room to schedule showing dev and design conference videos.

  • It’s nearly winter and my confused roses are still blooming like it’s October.

  • The office next door is re-locating and the hall is filled with their shit. Including a copy of Test Match. 10 year old me who never had one is screaming through the years “take it!”

  • Always slightly concerned when I find something interesting (https://github.com/danistefanovic/build-your-own-x) while reading Webshit Weekly

  • Also, one woman told me she had 20 years in me, which was nice to hear particularly because I’d bet I had half a dozen years on her.

  • Helping beginners learn programming you hear some interesting analogies. Today was the first I’ve heard document.querySelector compared to VLOOKUP, but yeah, that’s kind of apt.

  • I dreamed last night of a family trip to Tasmania when I was in grade 10. We were driving and I was explaining to my parents the difference between existentialism, nihilism, and absurdism.

    I had to look it up when I woke up.

  • Oh yeah! 25 years of never (having been caught) speeding gets me out of the fine and demerit points for being caught speeding.

  • Is it possible to be a control freak with a subconscious that actively avoids responsibility as a defence mechanism to avoid the negative effects of being a control freak?

  • New glasses today. In that period where my eyes are becoming accustomed to new lenses and frame shape, so it kind of feels like I am looking at a rendered POV.

  • TIL my fear of heights is bad enough that just looking at the gentleman across the street and 20-odd stories up makes me nervous and slightly nauseated.

  • How much of Lord of the Rings is just some huge teen sex comedy plot to help Gandalf’s best bro who is horny for this uptown girl? “Bro….I know this guy who found a ring. It’s not, you know, The Ring, but what if we made everyone think it is. I am a wizard, bro.”

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